Thu. Jul 16th, 2020

Dance studio Duende

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Indian classical dance

Indian classical dance bharatanatyam has evolved out of the ancient South-Indian temple dances that have more than 2000 years of history. This style contains both the pure dance without a specific meaning – nritta – and the dancing pantomime – abhinaya, through which the dancers retell stories from Indian mythology. For this dance style it is common to have a fixed upper body posture with feet turned outward and knees bent. The feet tap the rhythm while the facial mimics express the emotions and the hands give meaningful signs (mudra) that help in retelling the story.

Bharatanatyam is a good physical excercise, it helps to improve upon the coordination and offers a nice way for expressing one’s emotions. Although initially it was performed by the temple dancers this dance style has won over nowadays both male and female dancers and is being practiced all over the world.

You should wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrain your movement. Preferrably leggings or yoga pants instead of a skirt should be worn. We practice and perform barefoot.

You’ll obtain a basic dance technique throughout the year and next spring we will perform at the annual spring concert of the dance studio Duende.

See you in class!

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