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Dance studio Duende

MTÜ Flamenkotantsustuudio Duende

Primavera XIII – “A Street Bench” (”Un Banco De La Calle”)

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Saturday 01.06.2019 7PM
Tartu ERM hall of J.Hurt, A-entry
Tickets 12.50 €

Dance studio Duende from Tartu, Estonia presents the annual dance concert PRIMAVERA XIII – “A Street Bench” (“Un Banco De La Calle”).
Participants: flamenco, indian dance and bellydance groups from Studio Duende, Irish dancer, flamencoquintet “Castaño”.  Special appearance by the flamenco dance group from Tampere, Finland.

Duende has been organizing the annual concert series “PRIMAVERA” since 2007. This year it is the 13th concert in the series and has the subtitle “A Street Bench” (“Un Banco De La Calle”). It is a thoughtful resume of the 13 years that the dancers of Tartu have presented to their audiences.

Last year Duende took part of the biggest Nordic flamenco festival in Tampere. This was the first full-length concert given by an Estonian flamenco dance studio. It was sponsored by Tartu town administration. Our hosts from Tampere were excited to come and visit Tartu in return. We have invited the representatives of Tampere and their flamenco studio to take part of PRIMAVERA XIII. The concert takes place in the Estonian National Museum (ERM) that has been a place of huge impact as the preserver of Estonian native culture and tradition.

One street bench could tell you stories about hundreds of people who have sat on it in order to get some rest, to wait for their loved ones, to watch their kids play, to think about being lonely or just to watch the sunset.

The poster depicts a boy from Haapsalu town, sitting on a street bench that has been donated in memorial of a honored citizen of Haapsalu.


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