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Kalli’s exhibition “Colour on canvas and on stage”

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Värv lõuendil ja laval

Värv lõuendil ja laval


Early on in my childhood I was lead to two art forms – painting and dancing. Therefore I learnt both and graduated 2005 from Tartu Art College in the programme of Painting and Restauration and 2012 from University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy in the Department of Performing Arts the programme of dance pedagogy and choreography.

Parallel to working as a dance teacher I am also a freelance painter and theatrical decorator. At the same time I am not so sure that this is what I’m supposed to be called. I feel that I am just a happy person who is able to do what she likes the most – creating. Originally there were supposed to be only paintings in this exhibition too, but it was hard to leave out the other part of my creation. Especially when I have used specific colours on the stage of the dance performances or the dance performance took place in an artist’s workshop or gallery.

My paintings don’t have names. Until now I just chose a colour and played with the tonality within it and thus resulted either in an abstract or a monochrome female figure. Although, finally, in this exhibition you will also see a male figure and the recent paintings have become more colourful. In contrast the dance performance series are titled by colours. The first short piece was half by accident called “Pink”. The following ones called “White”, “Black”, “Red” (this was my diploma performance for the choreography studies), “Green” and “Yellow” (this was nominated for the 2017 dance category of the Estonian Theatre Award) were already a conscious choice.

With all the previous dance performances together with the title came also a preliminary idea, but with “Blue” I decided to let things just happen – to let the word or colour blue to create itself.

The currently still under construction “Blue” will be performed on April 8th and 15th in Karlova Theatre in Tartu, Estonia and on April 28th in Koidu Seltsimaja in Viljandi, Estonia as part of Viljandi Dance Week.

I hope you enjoy seeing the colours both on canvas and on stage!


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